Analysing “Damonster”

Damontre Moore is another one of the highly rated defensive ends who will go in the top half of the draft – here is Dan Ferdinand’s report on the Texas A&M pass rusher.I have to say again, like with Jarvis Jones, that I’m not total sold on Damontre, mainly because like a lot of defensive linemen, he’s up too early, which allows offensive linemen the chance to get their hands on him.

Now when I say I’m not sold, that doesn’t mean I don’t like him more that I don’t believe he’ll win rookie of the year next season. If you give him a free rush, he’ll hurt someone and his closing speed is impressive for a big man (listed at 6’4 – 250 lbs). So he closes down runners well, but once an offensive lineman has his hand on him, Moore finds it difficult to get loose and he can be driven backwards.

That was really what stood out for me, though I think he’ll look great in the combine – but that is in shorts and a tight top. On the field, NFL o-lineman will be able to control Moore once they have hold on him. I’d love to hear that he’s been working on his hands, both in placement and what to do once someone has their hands on you.

Coaching will be key with Damontre – if he’s coached right he’ll be in the league a long time with Pro Bowls to his name or he’ll just be another player in the rotation.

Go watch Moore again Alabama and you have a snap shot of what could happen at the next level. Everyone;s highlight reel looks great, but even that is full of backside, catch-up-to-the-man plays.

Team that need a pass-rush, including the Oakland Raiders and most of the other teams picking high in the draft would, for me, be better off taking one of the offensive lineman instead. But if Damontre Moore falls, he could be a steal in the lower first round.

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