Bishop Sankey Scouting Report

image © Neon Tommy

image © Neon Tommy

Games Reviewed: Illinois (2013), California (2013), Oregon (2013), Stanford (2013)

Sankey is one of the better running backs in the country this year and has really set to tone for the Huskies in 2013. Sankey became the starter when Chris Polk, himself with a stellar collegiate career, left for the NFL. Over the past few years Sankey has moved upwards in the conversation of RB prospects and as a Junior he  is closing in on Corey Dillon’s school rushing record for yards in a season (Sankey needs 300 yards at time of writing to break it). With his performances at UW, Sankey has put himself in the conversation as one of the top RB prospects in 2014.


Sankey can change direction on a dime and is equally adept at doing so in both the running and passing game. He is a runner who can get to the corner and really hurt a defense by evading rushers around the outside and becoming that ‘home run’ threat. It’s his dynamic balance in the passing game which is most telling- 9/10

Ball Protection

Never a problem for Sankey, just the one fumble on record against Oregon earlier in the year which could be put more on stellar defensive work than Sankey’s handling issues. His runs through the LOS never cause any problems in this department and Sankey’s ability leaves few issues in this facet- 9/10


When running to the outside his burst really can shine once past the line as he takes a 4 or 5 yard gain for another 30 untouched. But when running up the middle with his vision of the field, he really can make a well-executed play look a million dollars- 9/10

sankey burst

Catching/Route Running

His pass-catching is often as a check-down option and with Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Kasen Williams downfield he often finds himself in space where his vision and quick feet shine. His route running is solid but it’s his agility that can often flash as a catcher. He is consistently good at getting yards out of what seems a busted play, even in the passing game- 15/20

sankey catch

Pass Protection

This is the one area of Sankey’s game which lacks any consistency. At times he can look a little lost and doesn’t have the overwhelming power to be a top-level pass protector. When he gets this right however, it pops off the screen and gives Keith Price time to complete a pass down the field. Having a mobile QB like Price has really not shown up any failings in this facet that Sankey may have as it would do with a more pocket-passer- 6/10

When he gets it right...

When he gets it right…


Sankey isn’t an overpowering runner. His burst and speed accentuate his power and his overall ability really puts him as one of the top prospects at the position. He can lay the shoulder in and run over blockers but he’s more adept and running past rushers than anything- 7/10


As noted above Sankey’s burst through a gap is fun to watch and impressive to match. His speed allows him to get to the outside consistently and as a runner who has YPC of 5.6 in 2013 it really puts him over the top. His all-round ability is stellar and his speed highlights that- 9/10


His footwork and ability to cut and change direction on a step is phenomenal. He has the vision to see the angles to get to the endzone and with 31 TD’s in his collegiate career (so far) it is reaping rewards. He is a trusted back in the Huskies offense and his play has gone up a level this year. His vision also shines when running arund the edge as he times his cuts to perfection as his nose for the endzone. Even subtle movements/cuts are put down to his vision as a runner- 9/10

sankey run1.gif


The main concern is his inconsistent pass protection. He is a sound runner with a burst in speed that just pops off the screen. But his pass-protection needs to become better and more consistent for him to be an every-down back in the NFL-7/10

Verdict- 80/100 (late 1st/2nd round)

He is as complete a RB prospect as there is and has two years experience of being the ‘workhorse’ in an offense. He is the tone-setter for the Huskies and any offensive success comes off his running. A change of pace back in some offenses would be under-utilising Sankey. He has shown he can carry the load and hasn’t lost any of his speed/burst with that workload. A team will fall in love with him during the process and would add something to a team’s rushing attack. Pro Comparison: Ray Rice

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