Ra’shede Hageman Scouting Report

Scouting report for Minnesota Gophers defensive tackle Ra’Shede Hageman. A physical specimen with a ton of upside, will a team pull the trigger on him in the first round?

Games Watched: (Texas Tech 2012, Wisconsin 2012, Michigan 2012, UNLV 2013, Western Illinois 2013)

cst UM vs Nebraska football  4555

Size/Strength: Minnesota list Ra’shede Hageman at 6’6 311lbs, for a big guy and for his size he is very impressive, at that weight Hageman carries it well, he is very quick getting off the ball using his quickness to create havoc, teams may be tempted to use him as an undersized NT but overall his make up is impressive, size, strength, speed. 7.5/10

Pass Rush: His most affective move is the bull rush where he able to use his power and just knock down offensive lineman to the ground which he did majority of the time. He needs to work on his swim move, at times he tries to use it and has his back to the OL and they are able to push him aside. 6.5/10


(Against Texas Tech)

Run Defence: A very good player against the run he able to disrupt the play with ease at times, when his pad level is low he able to move the offensive lineman out the way and into the backfield very quickly, he still able to contribute against the run even when is doubled team. 7/10

Motor: For the athleticism Hageman has, he does not give up on plays he continues to try to finish the play off and if he unable to get disrupt the play he looking for the ball carrier using his speed and strength to bring him down. Majority of the 2013 season he was doubled team , never giving up on plays, batting down 10 passes during the season also. 7/10

Snap Anticipation: An Explosive player when he reads the play, his quickness allows him to get into the backfield before the ball carrier or QB are able to adjust the play, resulting in a TFL or a sack. Hageman uses his power so well that if reads the play he not getting blocked. 7.5/10


Technique: Hageman has a sound technique when he is in rhythm he cant be blocked, but he not controlling the LOS he gets frustrated and you can start to see his pad level getting higher every time and loses leverage. When watching him he often doesn’t use his hands often enough which he needs to do at the next level. 6/10

Versatility: Hageman can play in multiple fronts and has played  0, 1, 3 and 5-techniques but is traditionally lined up inside at DT at the 1, 3 technique but when the Gophers go to their subpackages Hageman is lined up as the 3-4 End, against Texas Tech in 2012 he played 4-3 End, purely rushing the passer, overall Hageman has enough experience playing multiple front but would be more comfortable at DT in a 4-3. 7.5/10

Miscellaneous: A 3 year starter on the defensive line, Hageman was named onto the first-team All-Big Ten, third-team All-American and was also named the teams MVP for the season, as well as winning the defensive player of the year and lineman in 2013 on the team, showing his leadership qualities. He has a very productive time at Minnesota with 22 TFL, 82 Tackles at 10 sacks also can be a force on special teams with 1 block punt and 1 blocked FG. 8/10


A talented defensive lineman who should be a star at the next level in the NFL, he has all the physical tools to be a dominate DT, Hageman will need to work on his pad level and use of his hands if he wants to become a better player because at the NFL level, he will be a non factor if he can not improve on those areas, an exciting prospect who is still learning the position.

Overall grade 57/80 – Late first/early 2nd

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