Stephon Tuitt Scouting Report

Height: 6 ft 6
Weight: 312 lb
Junior – Notre Dame

The first thing to look at when studying Stephon Tuitt is just how impressively he is put together. Standing at 6 ft 6 inches and weighing 312lbs, Tuitt bears a scary resemblance to Richard Seymour. With his height, weight and length Tuitt projects as a 5-tech in the pros in a 3-4 system.


Tuitt is a very good athlete for his size. He really does not move like he is 6ft 6 and over 300lbs. He has quick feet and changes direction easily for a player of his size. He is not limited to making plays along the line, and does have the agility to chase down players and make plays downfield and out in the open field. While he is a very good athlete he is not explosive. One of his biggest weaknesses is that he is not explosive at the line. He has overcome this lack of explosiveness while at Notre Dame but it remains to be seen if this will affect his ability to make plays in the NFL.

Tuitt did put on weight this season, he was around the 300lb mark last season but this has risen to 312lbs this season. This has seen his movement somewhat hindered compared to last season – 8/10

Bull Rush

Tuitt has an effective Bull Rush but he is not strong enough to the point where he can simply blow blockers away with his power. Instead he will create pressure by steadily working his blocker backwards. – 7/10

Speed Rush

Tuitt really is not a speed guy. He is not going to beat anyone because of his first step or speed rush. Despite not being a speed guy, Tuitt is able to turn the corner, however in the pros he is really going to struggle to do this on a consistent basis. Because of his lack of explosiveness and speed, teams will look to move Tuitt inside where his lack of speed/explosiveness will not hurt him as much. It is also a reason why Tuitt is so well suited to playing the 5-tech in the pros, as he will not be relied upon to consistently turn the corner like he would be as a 4-3 defensive end. – 6/10

Run Defence

Tuitt is a solid run defender. He uses his size and strength to maintain gaps and shut down running lanes. He does not have the ability to blow up running backs in the backfield but equally he will very rarely get driven out of a play. When playing the run, Tuitt is extremely disciplined and understands how to hold his assignments. He is also aware and athletic enough to adjust on plays away from him and make plays with his feet. When playing the run you really get a sense just how good a mover Tuitt is for someone his size. His quick feet and ease of movement really help him make plays in the running game. People often refer to linebackers as having sideline to sideline range, and the same can be said for Tuitt, whose range from the defensive line is very impressive. – 8/10


As we have somewhat already touched on, Tuitt does not possess much speed or burst. He is often the last player off the line of scrimmage and his whole game really lacks any real speed or burst. Having Tuitt as a 5-tech will really help eliminate his lack of explosiveness and instead will play to Tuitt’s strengths. – 6/10


Whilst Tuitt has good strength for his position, he does not have the ability to simply blow up blockers with his power. He is though more than strong enough to hold the point of attack in the run game as well as bull rushing blockers to rush the passer. – 8/10

Shed Blockers

To get away from his lack of aggression at the point of attack Tuitt will look to create space from his blockers. Tuitt really is more comfortable operating in space rather than getting down and gritty in the trenches. Tuitt will always look to go around a blocker rather than through them. He is always looking to get his body into space, he will use his length to try and do this. If a blocker is able to get a hold of Tuitt then he does struggle to disengage, and needs to do a better job of keeping his hands fighting to help him disengage when this happens. – 7/10

Read and React

Tuitt is very good at reading the game. He has a good understanding of the defensive scheme he plays in, helping him read and then react to plays quickly. – 9/10


Tuitt is a very solid tackler, and will very rarely miss a tackle. He is able to chase down a quarterback in the pocket while also making a tackle in space or down the field. While he may not be an impact sort of tackler who blows up defenders he is very solid and makes very few mistakes. – 8/10


Tuitt has a good motor, especially for someone of his size. His versatility is excellent as can be seen by watching his college tape, Notre Dame had him lining up all over the defensive line. In the pros he best projects as a 5-tech in a 3-4 but could play DE in a 4-3 and even some defensive tackle and nose tackle potentially.

Tuitt has no reported off the field incidents and was able to stay durable during his career at Notre Dame, despite a sports hernia operation after the 2012 season. – 9/10


76/100 (Late first/early second round)


Tuitt has the perfect build to play the 5-tech in the NFL. There are however question marks about his ability to be a playmaker in the NFL because of his lack of explosiveness. Despite this lack of explosiveness Tuitt has the size, length and strength that teams will fall in love with. I would except teams who run a 3-4 defence to have Tuitt a lot higher on their boards than teams looking for 4-3 ends.

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