Taylor Hart Scouting Report

Games Watched (2013 Oregon St, 2013 Tennessee, 2012 Arizona St, 2012 Washington St )

Size/Strength: Hart is a big guy at 6’6, 287 lbs. Playing the defensive end role in the 3-4  scheme for the Oregon Ducks, Hart main task was to set the edge but with his size and athleticism, Hart was able to create havoc. With his height, he was able to deflect passes total of 9 over the 4 years as a starter. – 7/10

Pass Rush: Hart doesn’t have many creative moves when rushing the passer, but he is able to use his strength and quickness to move into the backfield. He has a weird stance he uses often, which is pretty ineffective, but when he has one hand in the ground or standing up he able to bull rush the offensive tackle and cause some chaos with 22 TFLs, 16 Sacks to his name. – 7/10


Run Defence: Hart plays the run pretty well, as he often asked to contain the edge, making sure everything goes back inside which he showed he is capable of. Hart needs to learn how to stay low to make an impact against the run, but when he on his game he is really destructive. – 6/10

Motor: Playing all 3 downs in variety of stances, Hart rarely comes off the field for Oregon. He continues to try and make plays, but often he can be taken out of the play and become ineffective but he tries to get down field even at his size to finish off plays. – 6.5/10


Snap Anticipation: Struggles at times with his first step depending which stance he is in. When he in the “frog” stance he really struggles to create any type of leverage, but when he standing up he is able to read the snap of the ball and be quite effective. -7/10

Block shedding:  Hart dominates at the LOS when he able to bull rush the linesman and takes control. He able to use his speed and quickness when he standing up, where you see him use his hands effectively coming from the outside, when coming from inside he struggles with consistency when in his frog stance. –7/10

Versatility: Because of his size and weight, Hart could ideally play in a 4-3 scheme at defensive tackle as a 3 technique, or 3-4 defensive end, but could also play as a defensive tackle in 3-4 sub packages, using his quickness to create something inside. But overall I think he will be best suited to play 3-4 defensive end, where he seems to be the most comfortable, also at times stood up as a outside linebacker. – 7/10


Miscellaneous: As a 4 year starter, Hart has the experience to start from day one in the NFL. He has improved overall as a player from when he started as a freshman. Even after losing weight from 2012, he has shown he has the power to matchup against offensive tackles on the outside,  whilst he also has some outstanding numbers including 16 sacks, 97 solo tackles, 22 tackles for a loss and 5 forced fumbles. – 8/10

Verdict: Taylor Hart can be a really effective player in the NFL. He has consistency issues but if his technique can be worked on, he can be a very good player in the NFL. Playing as a 3-4 defensive end will help Hart as that is where he looks the most comfortable, but the Oregon Duck is most likely a late day 2 or early 3rd day pick. Player Comparison: Datone Jones

Overall grade: 55.5/80

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