Brett Smith Scouting Report

Brett Smith, QB, Wyoming (6-3, 206)

With Marcus Mariota and Brett Hundley returning to their respective schools, other lesser-heralded QB’s will get more looks from NFL teams looking for a QB. Wyoming’s Brett Smith is one of those prospects.

Smith broke several school records, finishing his career with 76 touchdown passes and 97 scores overall. He set career-bests in 2013 with 3,375 passing yards and 29 passing touchdowns. His Wyoming career ended somewhat disappointingly as they ended the year 5-7 before Smith surprised a few and declared early for the NFL Draft

Short Accuracy

It’s what Smith is called on to do more than anything else when passing. Bubble screens and quick passes suited the leaky Wyoming offensive line and put more on the receivers out of the backfield to make the most of the play on the outside. His technique can occasionally let him down and too much air is present on a few. But consistency with his timing of these short passes is clear- 8/10

Throwing Outside of the Pocket

Impressive if inconsistent.  Due to the OL issues the Cowboys had, his agility presented him with chances to keep plays alive and passing on the run shows up a lot. He has a good release point on the runs to his right, similar to a baseball shortstop at times. Inconsistency in technique only drawback in this facet of Smith’s game-7/10

brettsmith runthrow

Deep Accuracy

Clearly has a good arm and is able to put some touch on his deeper throws. But he just isn’t asked to do it a lot in the Cowboys’ offense.  Mainly throws on the short side of the required yardage. When asked to throw deep, inconsistency is at the WR position. Robert Herron the clear no.1 and could be the other man from this offense to make his way to Sunday’s-7/10

Arm Strength

Good arm strength. Even on the short passes he can really put some ‘zip’ on it and gives his receiver a chance to make a play. Can make all the throws in and outside the pocket. He regularly manages to squeeze a ball into a tight window. –7/10

brettsmith arm


Brett Smith really seems to revel and his play-making ability comes alive in moments where he needed to produce the most. The last 5 minutes of the Nebraska game is phenomenal to watch. He comes alive in a 3-point defeat, but Wyoming had trailed 37-17 at one point earlier in the 4th quarter. It is impressive. Behind the poor offensive line it becomes even better to see. What seems to be a incredible thirst to make that play could see him thrive in ‘clutch’ situations on Sunday’s –8/10

Decision Making

Inconsistent. His self-belief leads to some questionable throws that his ability bails him out or the weaker opposition gives him a reprieve from. At the next level it is one of the things he needs to work on most. Like mentioned above he really does step up and manages-more often than not- to be able to put the ball into a tight window. One facet that needs polishing at the next level-7/10


Smith’s throwing motion is far from perfect or ‘textbook’ but its effective. Some coaches may not want to go near it, but again it is something coachable at the next level. His playmaking ability with his feet puts him in position to make plays in spite of the non-traditional mechanics. Footwork is a bit too inconsistent but that may be down to circumstance more than anything. With the quick-passing in Wyoming  his mechanics are in no-way a drawback as he gets the ball out impressively, quickly and proficiently. All falldowns in this facet are coachable for Smith- 7/10


Stellar. His closest comparison in college was Johnny Manziel. Smith is arguably a more in-control prospect and clearly without the buzz. The option offense really put him in a position to make plays with his feet. His frame enables him to swallow up ground with ease. A tough player to tackle with his vision-9/10

Pocket Presence

When one exists he is able to scan the field with ease and can go through his progressions impressively. The offense at Wyoming asked him to move his pocket around and bring into play his mobility. Not often was Smith afforded a clean pocket but this presented with other playmaking opportunities. Can hold on to the ball too long on occasion-7/10


His technique and footwork are the most pressing concerns at the next level, but they don’t make him undraftable in any way. No concerns at all with his attitude and that could see some NFL teams fall for his potential-9/10

Verdict (76/100: 2nd day pick)

I like this guy. He’s a playmaker and was possibly a victim of playing outside of the SEC spotlight when it comes to being talked about in the draft process. He will likely sit- and benefit- for a year or two but when called upon he will show off his ability and penchant for playmaking. Gutsy type who for my money is the 3rd best QB in this class, don’t be surprised if he sees a career spike like Nick Foles did. Pro Comparison: Tony Romo.

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