Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Scouting Report

Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix, Safety, Alabama (6-1, 208)

Games Watched: Auburn, Mississippi State, LSU, Texas A&M


Clinton-Dix has a fluidity in his movements which is impressive and is clearly well-coached at Alabama. His agility shines in all facets but particularly his pass coverage. He is able to step on the accelarator with ease and shows off his closing ability on the ball. Plays a centre-fielder role for Bama in most passing situations. 8/10

Run Defense

Occasionally takes a bad angle on a tackle but always ends up near the ball. In the Iron Bowl v Auburn he seemed a little tentative at times, but on the whole he is solid in run defense. Speed makes up for faults in this department. 7/10


Again, it’s his speed. Not often asked to blitz from the games watched but one particular time (example below) it sees him able-through his exceptional agility- look to deflect the ball down in one movement. This is a tool he clearly has and may come to fore in certain systems at the next level. 8/10

haha blitz


Whilst Clinton-Dix doesn’t have the range that sees Earl Thomas lauded as an All-Pro it is something that pops off the screen. It puts Clinton-Dix in a position to make plays on the ball. He also contributes in the run game covering sideline to sideline. 8/10


Clinton-Dix posseses a innate ability to cover the slot receiver impeccably when called upon. Against Mississippi State he plays a pass as well as you can possibly hope to and comes up with the pick. Everything about the play (below) is executed to perfection by Ha Ha. His body position and timing of getting his eyes back on the ball. His speed gives him the edge when covering crossing routes and any ‘misses’ he has it makes up for almost immediately. 9/10

haha int


As noted above he does, on occasion, take a bad angle on a tackle and it sees him whiff on it. He can miss with some arm tackles and technique with that is likely his one weak point. But again, it’s a rarity to see on his film and is not even enough to be ‘red flagged’ . He clearly is trusted to be a solid defender of the run and it shows in the Texas A&M game where he is asked on multiple occasions to be in position for any Manziel scramble. 7/10

haha open field

Ball Skills

His ball skills are shown best in the gif above. On that occasion all that comes before it makes it elementary for him. But he is comfortable with the ball in his hands when his near-flawless ability in coverage puts him in such a position. 9/10


Startling. Makes up ground on initial bad angles and also when lost sight of a receiver in coverage. He seemingly was asked to cover any RB screen’s a wheel routes as he often is seen flashing to shut that option down before the QB has finished his dropback. His range and whole game benefit from his speed and will be a big plus at the next level. Elite. 10/10

haha speed

Completion Rate

Bama’s opponents not named Manziel rarely looked to pass deep on Clinton-Dix and when they did it didn’t end well due to the coverage ability of Ha Ha. Only Mike Evans seemed to catch a ball ‘over’ Clinton-Dix on the tape I reviewed. His ability to shut down a vast area of a field in pass coverage matched with his ball skills put him at the top of his class. Again it’s all at an elite level. 9/10


He plays at a high level consistently and any concerns in technique or play are occasional. Solid prospect. 9/10

Verdict- (84/100: Top 15 pick)

Clinton-Dix was clearly well-coached during his time under Nick Saban and is the latest off the production line in Tuscaloosa where Dre Kirkpatrick and Dee Milliner are the more recent first rounders. Despite his mid-season suspension for apparently taking a loan from a assistant coach, no overwhelming character concerns exist and an NFL team will get a stud at the position. Clear front-runner in the 2014 class at the position of need for alot of the NFL. Pro Comparison: Malcolm Jenkins

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