Louis Nix III Scouting Report

Games watched (Michigan 2013, Oklahoma 2012, Alabama 2012)

With one of the best names on twitter @1IrishChocolate, Nix is one of the top rated defensive lineman coming out in the 2014 draft, a highly touted prospect coming out of high school, Nix has been a 3 year starter for the Fighting Irish, deciding to return for his senior year wanting his mum to walk him out on senior day.


Louis Nix III is 6’2, 342 pounds, Nix is a huge guy who can soak up double teams, perfectly suited to play NT in the NFL,  trying to take him one on one usually results in negative plays, the main question will be can Nix play at that weight in the NFL and all 3 downs? – 8/10

Run defence

This is where he excels one of the better players against the run, constantly taking on the double teams but still able to creating TFLs regularly, having 14 TFLs in 3 years for Notre Dame. Teams struggle blocking him 1 one 1 where he drives the lineman back and is able to get his hands on the running back. – 8/10

run stuff

Pass Rush 

Not much of a pass rusher for ND, probably his weakest attribute, he not going to get 7+ sacks a season, but he will create gaps for the LBs which allow them to pressure on the QB and usually results in sacks for them. – 6/10


Having played heavier in 2013, weighing 15-20 pounds more this season, Nix was able to cope well at that weight where you saw him run after the ball carrier but he struggled when teams used the hurry up offence and he wasn’t able to get off the field for a snap or two. – 7/10


For his size Nix moves quite well, especially in the run game where you see him run up the field trying to stop the run also his feet movement helps him where he can make sudden cuts looking for the ball carrier and making tackles.  -7/10

Snap Anticipation

At times Nix is unblockable, because he reads the play so well especially against the run, he not the quickest player but because he reads so well at time he already in the backfield making a tackle. – 7/10



Nix prefers to use the bull rush as his main technique when he wants to create any sort of pass rush, also he likes to use the swim move where it is effective. He constantly has good pad level but when teams start to speed things up you see his pad level go high and becomes ineffective. – 7/10



Prior missing the final 8 games of the season, Nix played 33 games in a row from 2011 to 2013, Nix has shown you can rely on him playing all 3 downs and playing majority of the snaps which is tough for a NT.  8/10


Teams will be inclined to look at him as a NT if they are running the 3-4 at the 0 and 1 technique, possibly playing end but hasn’t got the speed to play there, he much more suited coming up the middle, also he could play defensive tackle in a 4-3 scheme. – 7/10


A 3 year starter at Notre Dame, redshirting his freshman year Nix has played 33 games over that span, missing the last part of the season due to injury recording 33 solo tackles, 14 TFL, 3.5 sacks, 8 passes broken up. 2012 was his best year being named to All-Independent team and winning 2012 Notre Dame  defensive lineman of the Year. – 8/10

Verdict (73/100: Late 1st/2nd day pick)

After an impressive 2012 campaign it was a disappointment that we didn’t get to see a full season of Nix in 2013 after he torn his meniscus in his left knee. It will be interesting to see how well he recovers from his knee operation and can he comeback as the same player, continuing to dominate against the run and not having a recurring issue in the future. Nix will most likely fall in the draft due his injury, Nix could play all 3 downs for you and create havoc in the run game. Player Comparison: BJ Raji

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