Kyle Van Noy Scouting Report

Height: 6 ft 3in
Weight: 244 lbs
Age: 23
Senior – Brigham Young

Size: Kyle Van Noy stands at a very respectable 6’3” and weighs in at 245 pounds. He has the ideal frame to play linebacker in the NFL, he also has nice length which allows him to get his hands on wayward passes. 8/10

Agility: Van Noy is a pretty nimble athlete, particularly when he is attacking either the ball carrier or the quarterback. Van Noy is able to bend around the edge by getting down low and dipping past offensive tackles. Van Noy displays adequate hips when in coverage, allowing him to deal with smaller receivers in the short to intermediate passing game. The best examples of Van Noy’s agility are the interceptions he’s made around the line of scrimmage. His excellent vertical leap and ball skills allow him to make plays that others simply do not. 8/10

Pass Rush: The aspect of Van Noy’s game that draws the most attention, is his pass rushing. Van Noy is a very strong pass rusher who wins with his good hand usage and with a variety of moves. His best moves are a spin move that he often uses to loop around his blocker and a fearsome swim move that lets him go either outside or inside. He doesn’t typically win with his athleticism, more his motor and this large arsenal of moves. In the games of Van Noys I studied, BYU used Van Noy as a pass rusher from a variety of positions, from both the left and right sides of the offensive line and on occasion from the slot. 9/10

Coverage: At BYU, Van Noy is primarily used in zone coverage and is rarely asked to go downfield with tight ends or slot receivers. When Van Noy is used in coverage, it is typically in shallow zones. This allows him to disrupt the route of his receiver by getting physical with them. When BYU asked him to drop deeper Van Noy was more than adequate in coverage and in the games I watched, he was able to get his hands on several passes, including a pass deflection that was picked off by a team mate. The best aspect of Van Noy in coverage, is his intelligence. He knows when to pass off his receiver to a team mate and when to attack  the ball. 8/10

Van Noy pick

Read & React: Van Noy is a very intelligent linebacker, his ability to read and react to the football is probably his finest asset. He very rarely takes any false steps and is excellent at getting himself in position to make plays on the football. When you’re not an incredible athlete, this is the kind of thing that allows Van Noy to be such a disruptive player. BYU ask him to set the edge against the run on traditional running plays, against mobile quarterbacks however he is often asked to play as a spy.  It is a rarity to see a play to Van Noys side of the field where he takes himself out of the play with a poor decision. 9/10

Van Noy Read and React

Run Defence: Van Noy is a very solid run defender who BYU uses to set the edge on running plays, a task that Van Noy very rarely fails at. The failings of most outside linebackers who play close to the line of scrimmage like Van Noy is there over pursuit of the quarterback. As I stated in the read and react section of this report, Van Noy is an intelligent football player who reads plays very well. Van Noy is able to funnel runs to the outside right into the middle of the BYU defence. This was evidenced by BYU’s MLB finishing second in the nation in tackles. 8/10


Block Shedding: Van Noy was often the focus of his opponents blocking schemes, regularly being doubled up on by a lineman and either a fullback or tight end. His body movement is impressive, he knows how to get skinny and shoot through a gap and he can square his shoulders and hit an oncoming ball carrier. He regularly displays active hands when he engages with blockers and has a tremendous motor. 8/10

Speed: Speed is not the strong point of Van Noy’s game. He is not an elite straight line athlete, nor does he have amazing closing speed. This simply isn’t his game.  These knocks on KVN aren’t to say he is a slow player, he has more than adequate speed for the next level. 6/10


Strength: In the games that I have seen, Van Noy displays enough strength to continuously fight through blocks one on one and make a play on the ball. He isn’t a physical freak who is regularly going to split double teams and he doesn’t quite have the strength to be effective when his technique falters. The best way to describe his strength is above average, he will be just fine in the NFL. 6.5/10

Tackling: Van Noy is a solid tackler who wraps up his targets regularly. He very rarely goes for the big hit and he takes the correct angles to the ball carrier. Tackling is not an issue for Van Noy, the one worry however is that he does occasionally lead with his shoulder, going for the big hit. 8/10

Miscellaneous: Van Noy’s statistics fell off in 2013 after one of the most productive seasons you will ever see in 2012. He had 13 sacks, 22 tackles for a loss, 6 forced fumbles and 2 tackles for a loss in 2012, in comparison in 2013 he had 68 tackles, 17.5 for a loss, four sacks and 2 interceptions. This drop in sack production was primarily down to teams game planning specifically to take him out of the game as a pass rushing threat.

Final Grade: 78.5/100 Van Noy is one of my favourite players in this year’s draft, he is a jack of all trades linebacker that could theoretically thrive in any system. There is not a particular area of the game that he struggles with and there aren’t many players in this year’s class who have his football intelligence. Van Noy is worthy of a selection in the middle of the first round however concerns over his speed may drop him down to the second day.

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